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I’ve always been a creature of habit; once I find a viable exercise routine, I have no trouble sticking with it. The problem is settling on the right schedule and budgeting time to do the work. Last year I bought a gym membership, which I figured would be enough incentive to hop in the car and drive there on a daily basis. As it turned out, I managed to make excuses that kept me away from the gym.

I finally turned a corner and started making progress investing in the Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer. I no longer had any valid excuses for putting off my workout, and I was able to fit it in neatly between dinner and bedtime. Home fitness equipment has numerous benefits, but the best one is that I can exercise complete control over my immediate environment. If I feel like watching a soap opera to distract me from the exertion, I can do so. If I feel like cranking up some motivational ’80s rock anthems, that’s exactly what I do.

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2:14 28 May 2010

New Workout Turbo Fire

I just heard about this new workout called Turbo Fire and its by the same makers as of Turbo Jam. Its from the company Beachbody which makes the best home workout dvd’s in the business! The fitness coach Chalene Johnson developed this workout and it is based on the a workout routine called (hitt) or High Intensity Interval Training!  This workout routines combines short burst of intense exercise and then a quick rest to kick your metabolism into gear! The affect of all this is that supposedly you get whats called a afterburn effect which is that your body continues to work and burn fat even after you stop, up too 24 to 48  hours after you end your workout! If anyone is familiar with Shaun t’s Insanity Workout, then you might know how intense Turbo Fire  is gonna be! Its the natural evolution of workouts going from a mild to hard workout like turbo jam to a extreme workout like Turbo Fire.

There is going to be 12 workouts in the turbo fire package, a nutrition guide, and hopefully some flash cards!One good thing i like about this workout is that it doesnt require any weights to do the workout, which is very convenient. I will keep everyone updated and give a full review of Turbofire when it comes out, which should be soon!

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The Workouts

Insanity comes with ten different workouts that are all planned out for you with your very own workout calendar that comes with the program. Simply follow the workout calendar as it is laid out to get maximum results from the program. Here are the workouts that you get with the program:

· Dig Deeper and Fit Test

· Plyometric Cardio Circuit

· Cardio Power and Resistance

· Cardio Recovery and Max Recovery

· Pure Cardio and Abs

· Cardio Abs

· Core Cardio and Balance

· Max Interval Circuit

· Max Interval Plyo

· Max Cardio Conditioning and Abs

Other Features

Insanity is just not a set of workouts, it is an actual workout program that should be followed for 60 days. Shaun T includes other features and information for you to get the maximum results from your efforts put into the Insanity workout. He includes a nutrition guide, a fitness guide, the Insanity calendar as well as online support to help you through the 60 day journey. The program is specifically designed to use these special tools as well as the 10 different workouts to provide people with an intense exercise program that has not been seen before.

Shaun T’s Insanity is not for everybody. If you are just starting out exercising, you may want to stick with less-intense programs such as his Hip Hop Abs workouts. Insanity is also not for people at high risk such as severely obese people as well as pregnant woman. So, who is Insanity for then? This workout is for people who want to be pushed during their workouts. They can handle the high-intensity of the exercises and want to reshape their body in 60 days.

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Here are the ups and downs if you are trying to figure out which route to take for you’re workout. If you are trying to decide between a personal trainer and workout videos training, you are probably not sure what to do when you walk into a gym. You probably don’t know where to find the motivation to actually work hard when you do train, and so you are looking for a little company to show you the way. Well good. Here are a few things to think about that could aid your decision.

Disadvantages of each:

– Personal trainers get very expensive after the first couple of times; you are paying for someone’s time and expertise each session you attend, and even thought personal trainers might vary price, they get expensive after a week or so.

– Workout videos can be cheesy and fail to explain reasoning for exercises

– Personal trainers are not always as qualified as you’d think

Workout video’s are not personalized for you’re fitness level

– Having a personal trainer means making appointments and showing up for them, regardless of how you feel that day

Advantages of each:

– Personal trainers have knowledge; have a question about what you are doing? Want to know why they chose these exercises in particular for you? Just ask your trainer and you’ll know.

– Workout videos are a one time fee, and you can use them over and over.

– Personal trainers are able to asses your fitness level and your goals and make a plan accordingly

– Workout videos come in a variety of levels and costs; they are available virtually anywhere, and you can use them whenever you want to schedule your workout for.

Hopefully this will help you get a good idea of some things to consider, and help you make the right choice for yourself.

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Strength training is the best way to build lean muscle to get a toned and defined body. Muscle burns twice as many calories as fat does which means even at a resting rate, people with more muscle will burn more calories. This is why a strength training workout is so important to losing weight or maintain weight. Despite what many people think you don’t have to spend 2 hours in the gym to get a good strength training workout in. There are plenty of workout DVDs that are just as effective as any workout you could get in a gym.

ChaLEAN Extreme

ChaLEAN Extreme is workout program from Chalene Johnson that works to build muscle so you can burn fat. The more muscle that you have, the more fat that you can burn. ChaLEAN Extreme uses a technique called lean phasing which consists of 3 different phases she takes you through to build muscle and burn the most amount of fat possible in the shortest time. It has 15 different workouts that comes with the program and you don’t need much equipment, just some dumbbells and resistance bands, which are included as a free bonus gift.

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10:46 4 May 2010

Fun Workout DVDs Pt1

Who wants to do workout DVDs that are boring and make you hate exercise when there are so many fund workout DVDs available. When people actually look forward to working out they are more likely to stick with the workouts rather than being tired from doing something that they hate. Here are some examples of fun workout DVDs.

Hip Hop Abs

Hip Hop Abs is a fun and trendy dance workout that utilizes dance moves along with abdominal exercises to shed weight and have a good time. The DVDs come with a music track that could be found playing at the local club. Shaun T teaches dance moves that aim to flatten the abs and burn fat from the whole body. The moves are trendy dance moves, but are easy to catch onto since he explains them in depth and slowly for each exercise. You will find yourself adding your own flavor into the exercises and may not even notice the awesome workout that you are getting.

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It is a medical fact that if you are to do the same exercise continuously for a long period of time, your body becomes accustomed to the workout and you no longer reap as many benefits from the workout. This is when you need to add some variation to your workout such as adding weighted gloves. Weighted gloves can help you intensify your cardio workouts to get you back burning fat and shedding calories at a an unbelievable pace.

Some people may be leery of weighted gloves, but they are perfectly safe to use in your cardio workouts. In fact, there are hundreds of trainers and workout programs such as Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Jam that recommend working out with weighted gloves to add intensity to your cardio workouts. These gloves are usually no more than 2-5 pounds each, but can do wonders to add resistance for an extra cardio and resistance workout. They are made from lightweight fabric that also make it possible to use and manipulate your hands with no problems. They do not restrict your hands or arms in any manner.

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4:55 3 May 2010

Burn Fat With Muscle

A cardiovascular workout may be a great starting point to losing weight, but over a certain period of time you may notice that you stop losing weight and soon your weight starts to plateau. This is because your body has become accustomed to the exercise and it no responds the same way. When you start adding weights into your workout, your body becomes challenged once again and the weight starts dropping off again.

When it comes to circuit training exercises like ChaLEAN Extreme some people, mostly women, get scared off because they think that they will develop big, bulky muscles, but that is absolutely not true. When you perform the right exercises with enough weight just to push you to your limit, you develop lean muscle mass, which is the kind that makes a a tight and toned body. Plus even if a woman tried to develop muscles like a man, it would take her years and artificial drugs and hormones to do so.

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4:50 3 May 2010

10 Minutes A Day To Workout

A great example of a ten minute workout that can have you losing weight is 10 Minute Trainer by Tony Horton. Each of the workouts are only 10 minutes long yet you will be burning calories and losing fat after the workout has ended. Another great 10 minute workout to lose weight with is jumping rope. When is the last time that you have tried jumping rope at a steady pace for 10 minutes? It’s not so easy, is it?

The key to these ten minute workouts like 10 Minute Trainer is utilizing those ten minutes as effectively as possible. This means that instead of simply doing a lunge that works your lower body, you get your arms involved so that it becomes a full body exercise. Or if you are doing squats, how about putting your arms straight up to work your shoulders as well as get your heart rate up. When you do resistance training exercises that also get you into your fat burning zone, you are going to burn more calories in those 10 minutes than if you worked out for 30 minutes and maintained a steady pace that did not raise your heart rate. Basically, you need to learn how to multitask your workouts so that you can lose weight in only 10 minutes a day of exercise.

Who doesn’t have an extra ten minutes in their schedule for a quick workout? It is so important to get regular physical activity in your life especially if you are overweight or obese. Stop making excuses and start holding yourself accountable for your actions.

Pair your ten minute workouts like jumping rope and the 10 Minute Trainer with a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein and you will start to see the pounds drop off. No more excuses can be made when all you need is just ten minutes.

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P90X is a high-intensity workout program that is aimed at transforming your body in 90 days. It is not easy by any means, but so many people have had great results and success stories with the fitness program. There are 12 different workouts that are rotated on a schedule in P90X. Each one of these workouts is important it it’s own way. The workouts that work a specific part of the body such as chest and back are self-explanatory of their importance to the program, while other workouts such as the stretch workout may need a little more explanation of why it is so important.

The P90X stretch workout helps to also have an escape for your body away from the high-intensity workouts and instead stretch your body and mind. This workout actually works as an escape away, just like the yoga workout does. You can help improve the performance of your body while helping to get rid of soreness from the performing the other workouts in the program.

One important thing to remember though with the stretch workout is that even though stretching helps to prevent injuries it can actually cause you injury as well. When you are stretching, you should go as far as you feel a good stretch and not any further as you can end up pulling muscles if you stretch too far. To not apply too much force to your stretches, as all you need is that slight stretch to get benefits from the workout.

Be sure to include your stretch workout into your P90X schedule just as Tony Horton lays it out in the calendar. Enjoy the day that you do your stretch workout as the next workout is going to push you to the limits!

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